Wednesday, March 2, 2011

weekend joy - my town

as promised my pics of my glorious little beachside town.

sorry - weekend joy delayed by 3days this week!

the way i like to start my day - my morning ride round the river.

i've lived here almost a year now. and for all the fishermen i've seen in boats, at the wall and by the river i haven't seen one pull in a fish while i'm watching! where do i go fishing? the local co-op!

the view up the river... i plan for this to be my swimming pool in 2011. first i'm going to run 5km (thanx to couch to 5km podcast) and then i'm going to swim 2km. i'll check in with you in about 6months!

my favourite swimming bank... walk down and dive in. that's my kind of summer relief. its now autumn and i still need 2 swims a day to keep cool!

and a cute little lane and a lovely sunset. i'm starting to love daylight savings... walks or swims in the evenings after dinner... oh so refershing. 

oh i love the simple life. a good friend of mine, kellie, asked me if i miss anything about my city life... the answer? no. if i could pick up my family and friends and integrate them into my simple beachside life i would.  so good for the soul.

may this encourage you to savour the simple things in your life, take a breath and slow down today. prayers you finish each day with a sigh and say, 'this is a good life'.


  1. Greetings from USA! I love your blog.
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  2. Pat and I popped in to Evans Head for a night or two on our way to Port Macquarie one time. It was so relaxed and peaceful and scored awesome-ly at the cute little op shop. I can't wait to live by the beach! xx

  3. do it peta. i recommend it. so great to have this lifestyle as young marrieds. hope you and pat can find your piece of paradise!