Friday, March 25, 2011

nanna's pickled beetroot

for tania... for your recent beetroot crop. :)

a nanna recipe i'll hold with me always.

about 6 large beetroot
1 cup Vinegar Brown
2 cups water
3 cups sugar
pepper and salt
glass jars for storage (sterilise the jars in boiling water or in the oven)

1. remove leaves and cut off the stalks and the tails and scrub the beets clean.
2. boil the beets in a pan with enough water to cover them, until firm soft. remove beets from the water once soft and cool slightly.
3. set the now red water aside for later. remove the skin of beets, recommend the use of gloves.
4. put the red water that the beets were boiled in back on the heat, add brown vinegar, water, sugar, pepper and salt back on the heat and bring to the boil.
5. cut the beetroot into slices about 1/2cm to 1cm thick (or to your liking) into the mix of boiling liquid. bring back to the boil.
6. turn off the heat, and add the sliced beets to the glass jars, cover beets with liquid, pouring liquid to the top of the jar. HANDY HINT : before placing lid on, release air bubbles by running a knife down the side of the jar.
7. set aside to cool.
8. store along with all your other preserves. store in fridge once opened.

nothing like home preserved beetroot. if you've only ever had tinned beetroot - you need to try this!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

old fashioned lemonade base

here it is... my mum's lemonade recipe.  i love it. i got a dwarf lemon tree for christmas and can't wait till it fruits a plenty to be able to make my own. :)

2 1/2 cups water
1 1/4 cups caster sugar
zest of half a lemon, finely chopped
juice of 5 lemons
bottle or jar to store

in a medium saucepan heat and stir water and sugar over a medium heat until sugar is dissolved.
simmer syrup for 5 minutes.
remove from heat, add lemon zest and leave to cool for 20 minutes.
add lemon juice to the syrup and pour into clean bottles or jars
store lemonade base in refrigerator for up to three days.

to serve
stir equal quantities of lemonade base and cold water or soda together. 
add ice and serve.  add a sprig of fresh mint, if desired.

find a comfy seat in the breeze of the afternoon, serve up and enjoy!

chilli rhubarb chutney

on the chilli theme for today... found this in the rhubarb article. i'm so used to rhubarb as a dessert i loved the sound of this savoury chutney.

source - 'gardening australia' august 2004

1 bunch chopped rhubarb
2 chopped red onions
3 large red chillies (seeded and chopped)
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 cup cider vinegar
10 cloves
salt for seasoning

in a large saucepan combine rhubarb, red onions, red chillies, sugar, cider vinegar and cloves.
bring to the boil and simmer for 40 minutes stirring occasionally until thick. season with salt.
pour into a jar and refrigerate when cool.
serve with roast meats, chicken or cheese and crackers.

i'm a vegetarian so meat eaters out there - you'll have to let me know if you try this... its a cheese and crackers option for me!

rhubarb and strawberry lemonade

checked out my dad's rhubarb plant on the weekend... it's massive!! not sure i can fit a rhubarb in my little garden!

i have such fond memories of stewed rhubarb from my nanna's garden when i was little. 

came across this recipe and thought it sounds like such a lovely fresh drink to try - something a little different to do with rhubarb!

source - 'gardening australia' august 2004

1 bunch chopped rhubarb
3 1/2 cups water
3/4 cup sugar
2 strips lemon rind.
250g chopped strawberries
1/2 tspn vanilla extract
1 cup fresh lemon juice

in a large saucepan combine rhubarb, water, sugar and lemon rind.
bring to the boil and cook for 8 minutes.
add chopped strawberries and vanilla extract and cook for another 2 minutes.
press the mixture through a coarse sieve.
add lemon juice.
pour into bottles and refrigerate when cool.
serve over ice.

got my mum's old fashioned lemonade recipe to bring you soon. it still feels like summer here - very much the days for some yummy fresh drinks!

cucumber and carrot pickles

source 'better homes and garden magazine' august 2008.

4 lebanese cucumbers
4 carrots peeled
1 cup rice wine vinegar
1 cup sugar
8cm piece of ginger, shredded
4 star-anise

1. cut cucumbers and carrots into 1cm x 8cm strips and put in a sterilised jar.
2. put vinegar and sugar in a medium heavy based pan and stir over a low heat until the sugar dissolves. add ginger and star-anise and simmer for 3-4 minutes or until slightly thickened. pour vinegar mixture over prepared cucumber and carrot. seal the jar and stand for an hour before serving. store for up to two weeks in the fridge.

...serve with any chinese meal or plain boiled rice
...toss through salad leaves or put on side of curries and spicy foods.
...great with tasty cheddar cheese pickles with a drizzle of sesame oil and sesame seeds just before serving

i have plans for this for our weekly stir-frys. :)

tomato chilli jam

source 'better homes and garden magazine' august 2008.

1 tbsp olive oil
1 red onion, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1 tsp sea-salt flakes
2 cans chopped tomatoes
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup red wine vinegar
2 tsp dried chilli flakes (or fresh, finely chopped red chilli)

1. heat oil in a heavy based pan, add onion, garlic and sat and stir to combine.  cook on low until onion is soft. do not brown.
2. add tomato, sugar, vinegar and chilli and stir to combine. cook on low for 15-20mins stirring occasionally until mixture is slightly thickened and jam-like.  put hot mixture in a sterilised jar. store jam in fridge for up to 2 weeks.

...serve the chilli jam with barbecued or char-grilled meats
...use as a base for pizzas
...add a couple of spoonfuls to a slow-cooked meat dish
...other spices such as cinnamon sticks, star-anise or 1-2 teaspoons of mustard or cumin seeds can be added with the onions

i've yet to try this, and one probably not for my hubby but i look forward to trying it with my friends who might like a hot little extra. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

share the love

received a wonderful surprise over the weekend...  one of my lovely blogger friends, saphy, awarded me an honour...

so how this works is I get to share with you 7 random things about myself and forward on the blessing of this award to some inspirational bloggers i follow...

1. i love organic living and wish to live a life as free of preservatives and processed food as i can... but i can't give up chocolate or hot chips!!

2. my music taste started with my father's music growing up... supertramp, dire straits, queen, phil collins... new music can't beat it!

3. my first op shop buy was a tan leather jacket with wide lapels when i was about 15... very 70s. i didn't care that the sleeves were slightly too short... i felt funky as!

4. i'm very proud of my new zealand heritage and coming from such a beautiful country... even if i have only been back 3 times since i was 6months old when we migrated to australia. its where both sides of my famly come from so will always feel like my place of origin.

5.  my favourite toasted sandwhich is banana and cheese. don't knock it till you try it!

6. i am a twin. its a great blessing to grow up with someone always by your side and having a best friend to experience every stage of life with.

7. some of my favourite movies i never watch again... i may love their message, the journey and thoughts they may leave you with... however i never want to ruin that first experience by watching it again incase it changes how it hits me!

i would like to pass this award honour onto...

two of my most favourite people in the world mali and kellie from a life less ordinary and green tea and red nailsthey share my passions in life - vintage love, op shopping, enjoying the outdoors, loving their families and giving back to others.

one of my favourite adopted sisters... kelsey at under the olive tree... kelsey and her mum are some of the most creative ladies i've ever come across. they live organically, they decorate inspirationaly and they love their family and friends deeply. it is joy to peek into kelsey's life.  i want her to come decorate my house... check out her room she recently did here.

one of my favourite blogs... cool by association by peta... i went to high-school with this beautiful girl... we actually had an encounter when we were in preschool where we were both a part of a photo shoot with our twin sisters!  she is one of the most successful op-shopping, garage-saling, bargin hunting girls i know.  its such fun seeing her adventures on here. and she's getting married soon!

a friend of kellie's, laura at kit & nancy. she cooks, she op-shops, she creates. and she has a fabulous orange kitchen aid that i am very envious of!  i met her through the brisbane suitcase rummage network.

and lastly...  tania at ivy nest... she's mother to 3 beatufiul kids, she sews, she gardens, she's a thrifty shopper. have loved connecting with her and sharing our finds, our homes and creations.

i want to thank kellie and mali for encouraging me to join the blogger world... it has given me inspiration and community in a very quiet beachside life... i haven't found many friends in my little world here that share my loves... meeting you all has filled my heart and gives me excitement each day to catch up with you all online.

may the blog love continue to spread! blessings.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

free living challenge - day 35... home of homes

goal... to abstain from spending hobbies - to focus on finding daily joy in no cost living.

today's joy...

was enjoying my parents garden in a misty toowoomba morning.

growing up in this house from the time i was about 13... my sister and i helped with renovations, painting, gardening... i have such fond memories of coming home from school, sitting on the back steps and chatting to mum and dad as they gardened.  a piece of my heart will always be with this house.  have taken some pics to share with you of some of my favourite corners of this home of mine...

and my most favourite corner of all to visit... my brother beau... the son my dad never had...

home is where the heart is. and visiting my folks and my old puppy dog gave a lift to my heart that nothing else can.  hope you can visit those places that fill your heart sometime soon. blessings.

free living challenge - day 36... doily joy

goal... to abstain from spending hobbies - to focus on finding daily joy in no cost living.

today's joy...

came from a fabulous girls night in with my mum... read through some mags, had left over home made pizza... AND... browsed through her doily collection... sourced from her local op shops in toowoomba... didn't realise she had so many!  

here are some pics...

she has ideas for these for cushions, quilts... but she doesn't sew!! i think she just needs to start learning but she's want's to recruit the help of her sister.  we'll have to wait and see what these lovely finds turn into. if only i lived closer! we'd have such fun. :)

not difficult to guess where i got my love of op shopping and all things vintage from!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

free living challenge - day 37

goal... to abstain from spending hobbies - to focus on finding daily joy in no cost living.

today's joy...

easy to avoid spending temptations today... spent half of it driving to visit family!

reading is the joy of today.  thought i'd bring you some reviews of my favourite books of the moment...

ordered this magazine a while ago and it arrived this morning... love those knocks on the door for deliveries!
its more than a just a mag... organic gardener essential guides - this was the first of 3 that are now available. great gardening resource for things like pest management, planting/variety/season/climate advice, pruning techniques... first one released was 'getting started', then there is 'fruit' and 'vegies a-z'. 

' vegies a-z' is available in newsagencies now and you can order the previous guides online here.

other books on my bed side table for reading this week are...

recent op shop book finds...

for $2 each these were a bargin! there are a few recipes that a bit different from those in my nanna's recipe book in preserve and pickles....  will bring you some of those recipes when i've had a chance to try them out.... things like strawberry and vanilla jam... yum.   claire garland's knit and purl pets are very cute! found out yesterday that my sister is expecting my second nephew... oh how exciting!  i love having excuses to make cute kids toys.  my knitting skills are basic at best but this could be something fun to attempt in coming weeks with the focus of this challenge! have some bamboo wool at home that i'd love to use.

something i have not done in years... since uni days i guess... is utilise libraries for interest reading and resources.  i guess in our online world, searching the net for resources is our first instinct... however i still love having hard copies of books to flick through in my fav comfy seat and a sunny corner... and when i need to refresh my gardening knowledge or tips for a new crafty hobby to pick it off the shelf and read through rather than having to switch the computer on.

have utilsed my husband's uni library recently to check out some sewing books i've seen recommended in other books i've bought in the past few months...  this is one of them...

and might i say a fabulous layout of sewing techniques, machine problem solving etc... from one recommendation i'm searching for a pre 1978 version to buy for  my own collection.  i'm enjoying getting into the second hand books stores recently. much more fun then turning to amazon or book depository. however if i don't source the right version i may have to resort to that.

we moved recently and going through all our stuff makes you realise how much you have and having really utilised its potential. our books are definitely something i need to use more... to spend the time to read them cover to cover and then be able to turn back to them when needed now that i'd know what advice they hold. how am i to know what wonders then have inside if i haven't spent this time?!

hope this inspires you to delve into a wonderful book that has sat undiscovered for too many days. blessings to all for a lovely weekend.

Friday, March 18, 2011

aphid soap spray

was searching through an old gardening australia mag (august 2004) while keeping my friend insomnia company in the wee hours of the morning...

two methods for dealing with aphids in your garden:
  • spray aphids off plants with a short, sharp water jet. when spraying, place your hand behind delicate plants.
  • kill aphids by mixing 50g of grated pure soap in 5 litres of hot water. allow to cool and then spray.
i've been using a natural pyrethrum spray but will look at giving the soap spray a go to save some $.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

free living challenge - day 38

goal... to abstain from spending hobbies - to focus on finding daily joy in no cost living.

today's joy...

pretty quiet day today so not much to report.

fav photo of the past 24hrs.... sunset from our front yard...

spent some time running errands and watching dvds...

and then hand sewed my 'handy sandy'.... figured since she's pink and all, 'handy dandy' wasn't quite the appropriate name. :)

now to source wheat and dried lavender...
forgot to add instructions for using 'handy dandy' as a wheat heat pack. have now updated that post.

happy friday all. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

free living challenge - day 39

goal... to abstain from spending hobbies - to focus on finding daily joy in no cost living.

today's joy...

cleaning chores were the order of the day.  our kids got their bowl cleaned too... as far as i could tell blossom and shark are happy with my efforts.

continued working in the stationary theme for this week.  made some cards out of some cardboard boxes we had lying around with fun pictures from old calenders and magazines.

and made some postcards - some with space to put in a black and white picture of home. 
for the lined area sourced some unused pages from last years diary.  my husband keeps everything and eventually i find a use for it. we're a good team. :)

a satisfying day all round today. i've discovered i don't find cleaning gives me a rewarding feeling but knowing it does for my husband makes it all worth while.  after making the cards i went searching round the house for gifts i can send to friends and family to brighten up their days. created a fun afternoon!

happy hump day all... its downhill to the weekend from here!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

free living challenge - day 40

goal... to abstain from spending hobbies - to focus on finding daily joy in no cost living.

today's joy...

finished off my envelopes

started to make a handy dandy for my mum... i'll need to grab some of her lavender to include in the wheat pack...

my ride today took me along the river through the national park... had it all to myself today.  and who said a cruiser isn't an off road bike?!

and was able to snap pics of these little guys... they appear on mass at low tide at the river... its so fun to chase them as you can out-run them unlike other ones you see at the beach.

a quiet day today but a little brigther than yesterday. didn't miss shopping at all today. and found some online sewing courses I can do in coming months. excitement plus!

handy dandy

was looking through my magazine pull outs for a craft project for today.

came across 'handy dandy' - a wheat bag friend.  he is a creation of pip from meet me at mikes and was featured in frankie magazine before she released her first book.  not sure if this guy is in her first book - i've not yet got either of them my collection.

was pumped for a sewing afternoon until i realised my machine is broken and needs a service. and i need to drop it in 40mins drive away. not going to happen today. here's for hand sewing!

here's the pattern if you're interested... original size is A4.

instructions for use as a heat pack...
(you can stuff with toy filling if you like).
heat the wheat bag for 30 seconds in the microwave on medium-high heat or until it's just warm, not hot (be sure to test the temperature carefully before you use it). do not overheat the wheat bag - check the temperature diligently. wheat bag should not be given to small children.
use wheat bag only as heat pack for direct application to the body.  never use them as bed warmers, as this is a fire risk. no not reheat until the wheat bag has completely cooled unpick and refill the bag if the wheat starts to smell toasty.  do not put wheat bags into storage until they are completely cold.

i'll put up a pic of my little dude when its complete. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

free living challenge - day 41

goal... to abstain from spending hobbies - to focus on finding daily joy in no cost living.

today's joy...

small things today.  had a bit of a low day and realise how much of an escapism op shopping is on days when life gets me a bit low.

found this random feather in my garden a few days ago and came across the picture today.  it made me smile on a day when i didn't feel like smiling.

i'm sitting here listening to a range of beautiful calls of the birds in our area.  to think that the smooth, satin look of these gorgeous creatures are made up of so many little beautiful feathers like this.

on a day when the big things were getting me down it made me remember that a lot of little good things can make up for it all.


herb drying

for garden cooks out there... if you've run out of friends to share your copious amounts of fresh herbs with here's my drying technique to save leaves when they're at there peak for future use.

you'll need:
paper bag
scissors/hole punch

tie a small handful of your herb together, allowing a long tail of twine for hanging.
cut/hole punch some holes in the bottom of the paper bag. 

hang your herbs upside down inside the paper bag and secure it in the corner. my bags work by folding the corner over, however you may need to tie the herb bunch through a hole or use the twine to tie it all together.

tie your bag up in a breezy spot and leave for at least 2 weeks. check your herbs at that time. the leaves and stems should be dry and stiff. if they feel soft and aren't dry enough that they would  fall apart if you crunched it between your fingers - they need more drying time.

once dried, store them in an air-tight container. from what i've read use your dried herbs within 3months.

i've had success so far with basil, mint, parsley and thyme. mint needed longer time to dry then the others in my climate.

wishing you herb drying success. enjoy!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

banana choc chip cake

for my hubby. thanx for my cake delight you cooked today.

from 'rangeville state school centenary cookbook 1909-2009'.

1 1/2 cups SR flour - sifted
1/2 cup caster sugar
2 ripe bananas - mashed
1/2 cup low fat milk
2 eggs
1/2 cup choc bits

place all ingredients, except choc bits, in a food processor and process for 2minutes or until smooth. don't over mix.
add choc bits.
pour mixture into an oiled 10cmx20cm loaf tin
cool in tin for 5minutes, then turn out onto wire rack to cool completely.

free living challenge - day 42

goal... to abstain from spending hobbies - to focus on finding daily joy in no cost living.

today's joy...

morning ride to the river wall was an interesting sight today. the size of the swell just outside the bar was a bit too much for the smaller boats... there was a queue of 10! couldn't believe it. saw one make it out, 3 turn away and the others were waiting and watching hoping for an opening... a test of how well fishermen can read the surf. loved the anticipation!

woke from a morning snooze to find my hubby making his first ever cake for me!  banana choc chip cake. he'd found a recipe, gone and got ingredients.  if you'd seen his attempt at cooking muffins last year you'd know how amazing this event was!

and we took mr juicy for an afternoon adventure to ballina to watch the river swell for beginner surfers... picked up a tip or two.  bring on winter! that's my surfing season... no crowds for embarassing beginner moments!

day 2 of challenge - successful. free living adventues achieved.

the rewards of my vegie gardening adventures are starting to come to light.  so cool checking in on daily growth progress.  thought the joy would come from the eating but the growing phase is just as fun. self-sustaining garden here we come!

happy monday all. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

free living challenge - day 43

have renamed my lent challenge - 'free living' as this is what my focus is for the next 43 days.

goal... to abstain from spending hobbies - to focus on finding daily joy in no cost living.

today's joy...

a sun-shower morning at the beach. two of my favourite things - dark, domineering clouds and white fluffy clouds appearing in the sky at one time... lovely
see my 'weekend joy' post for more pics.... such great atmosphere there this morning. the photos don't do it justice.

reading and relaxing round home... amazing how much you can sleep when you let you body stop and rest...

recieved a lovely 'just coz' gift pack a few weeks ago from a great friend of mine. followed her inspiration and started making fun envelopes from old magazines... definately fits my resourceful streak...

and our favourite local fish & chip store celebrated its 40th birthday today... i resisted the take out and uncessary spending temptation and had toasted sandwhiches at home instead... made with our own home grown, juicy, tasty tomato.

great feeling of accomplishment today. 42days to go. :)

weekend joy - my beach

so since we moved to our beachside town i've claimed this beach.  don't mind sharing it with the locals... usually there may be the max of a few surfers, a couple of fishermen and another walker... and that's a busy day... this is how i love it.  glad we only have to share it with the mass of tourists in holiday times. :)

a magic morning there on saturday... had to share these pics with you for this weekend's joy...

sending you all a piece of peace and a breath of fresh air from my beach as you start your week.

Friday, March 11, 2011

belated lent challenge - day 44

i was thinking about this before Ash Wednesday hit... the day signifying the start Lent...

Lent is a time of abstinence... the christian season of preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. a season of celebration of the salvation and rebirth on offer through Jesus.

i read this on a 'pancake day (Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday) explained' website today:
"In many traditions, Lent is a time for cleaning, in preparation for Easter and spring. First your soul, then your kitchen, then the rest of the house was cleansed and purified of the past year's accumulations."

previous years i have cut out habits of mine (like TV) that i believe interrupt the balance in my life and are distracting and futile in living a life of purpose and fulfillment.  it is my hope that by having a time of abstinence i fill that time with other more worthwhile interests and have improved balance, discipline and motivation following this period of time.

Ash Wednesday was this past Wednesday, March 9. so i've missed the start by 2 days.

this past year i have had massive issues with impulse spending and not getting on top of debt. so for this year's lent i am giving up excess spending. i am cutting myself off un-necessary spending... that means no op-shopping, no magazines, no ebay or online shopping... so aside from food and fuel, no spending for me until easter sunday.

the outcome is not just to prove to myself that i can survive not spending, but to know i can be just as satisfied and fulfilled without buying things to make my day feel good.  its having the motivation and the discipline to stick to a budget and be accountable for my spending.

that means free activities for me for the next 44days.  everyday's goal is to occupy myself with no cost adventures and hobbies.... beaching, riding, visiting friends, reading by the river, creating, crafting, organising... sounds very productive!

have just started setting up my crafting space so i can have a place of joy to spend these days.
i shall keep you posted on what i get up to. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

op shop finds

this week's op shop finds. consistency is certainly the key.

thanx to my usual jaunts - casino lifeline, evans st vinnies/wellspring, woodburn anglican and lismore lifeline/st vinnies op shops. oh its the joy of my week!

this may be for my mum - she already has a purse of this style.
i love the tortoiseshell like detail.

some stoneware salt and pepper shakers... not sure if these are a keeper or a seller yet!

skinny ties for the men of a future brissy suitcase rummage....
particulary love the find of the genuine leather green tie!  had a few lads delve into my vintage ties for the skinnys. stoked there are still some around in the oppies.

found some additions to my vintage nightie collection... i have great plans for these for my future business idea....

some old school games for home and hubby... forget battleships... it's land and air battle!

and lastly some sheets for the upcoming and much anticipated vintage sheet FQ swap...
i hope kellie approves!

oh such fun. loving that op shopping is now a self funding hobby!

Monday, March 7, 2011

make your own pizza sauce

for all home made pizza base makers out there. had the most glorious homemade pizza experience with friends on saturday night.

here's the sauce recipe for you. the base was delightful also. a wholemeal/plain flour combination.  might have to bring you that one too!

5 tbsp olive oil
1 garlic clove
1 tsp dried oregano
2x400g cans chopped tomatoes
salt and pepper to season

heat oil on a medium heat.
gently fry the garlic and oregano for 5mins.
add the tomatoes, season and simmer for 40mins stiring occaisionly.
let cool.

how easy is that? can't believe i've been so lazy to use tomato paste all this time (hey, it is good tomato paste. aldi organic brand. i recommend it. they have a few good organic products at great prices if your organically inclined.)

happy baking and saucing!

rummage results

well i made it! survived my first suitcase rummage in brissy and made my goal profit of over $200. stoked!

here's what i learnt:

lesson 1.
no matter how well you plan your set up, it will not go as planned when you get there! no 1. wind is not your friend. no 2. will your space be square? rectangular?  no 3. aim your set up to grab visual attention as rummagers enter your row. lesson learnt - be flexible!

lesson 2.
take along your best buds.  so great being able to set up next to kellie, mali and chanelle. they're not only experienced rummagers they helped the 5hrs speed by with laughs and act as treat couriers bring back yummy treats while on coffee runs.

lesson 3.
do not assume who your customers will be. my customers ranged from funky young girls (i can't believe how fashion savy these girls are at their age! i am so embarassed for myself about how i dressed at 14!!) to resourceful lovely nannas. met people who live down my way in northern nsw and others who are brissy locals and lovers of all things vintage. 

lesson 4.
do not assume what will sell. my girlfriends and i were sure my two vintage thermos' would be definate sellers. they had hardly any interest all day. wrong season maybe? might try them again next time. and a set of stoneware ramekins still in their original packaging - no one picked them up at all! no worries - i was eyeing them off for my kitchen collection so they will find a loving home. :)
the old school photo album still including original photo corners was popular. and aprons were a slow starter but a definate winner in the end.

could not believe the crowd of people in the first few hours. busy busy.  i know i'm a newbie so not all would have had the excitement i had - i had that joy like a kid in a candy store. it gave me such a buzz. i was made to market!

so for the next month i will revise my wares selection strategies, definately shop for more vintage sheets for fabric square sales (so fun selling fabulous vintage prints to other crafters!) and see you all for suitcase rummage again in april!