Wednesday, March 9, 2011

op shop finds

this week's op shop finds. consistency is certainly the key.

thanx to my usual jaunts - casino lifeline, evans st vinnies/wellspring, woodburn anglican and lismore lifeline/st vinnies op shops. oh its the joy of my week!

this may be for my mum - she already has a purse of this style.
i love the tortoiseshell like detail.

some stoneware salt and pepper shakers... not sure if these are a keeper or a seller yet!

skinny ties for the men of a future brissy suitcase rummage....
particulary love the find of the genuine leather green tie!  had a few lads delve into my vintage ties for the skinnys. stoked there are still some around in the oppies.

found some additions to my vintage nightie collection... i have great plans for these for my future business idea....

some old school games for home and hubby... forget battleships... it's land and air battle!

and lastly some sheets for the upcoming and much anticipated vintage sheet FQ swap...
i hope kellie approves!

oh such fun. loving that op shopping is now a self funding hobby!