Tuesday, March 22, 2011

share the love

received a wonderful surprise over the weekend...  one of my lovely blogger friends, saphy, awarded me an honour...

so how this works is I get to share with you 7 random things about myself and forward on the blessing of this award to some inspirational bloggers i follow...

1. i love organic living and wish to live a life as free of preservatives and processed food as i can... but i can't give up chocolate or hot chips!!

2. my music taste started with my father's music growing up... supertramp, dire straits, queen, phil collins... new music can't beat it!

3. my first op shop buy was a tan leather jacket with wide lapels when i was about 15... very 70s. i didn't care that the sleeves were slightly too short... i felt funky as!

4. i'm very proud of my new zealand heritage and coming from such a beautiful country... even if i have only been back 3 times since i was 6months old when we migrated to australia. its where both sides of my famly come from so will always feel like my place of origin.

5.  my favourite toasted sandwhich is banana and cheese. don't knock it till you try it!

6. i am a twin. its a great blessing to grow up with someone always by your side and having a best friend to experience every stage of life with.

7. some of my favourite movies i never watch again... i may love their message, the journey and thoughts they may leave you with... however i never want to ruin that first experience by watching it again incase it changes how it hits me!

i would like to pass this award honour onto...

two of my most favourite people in the world mali and kellie from a life less ordinary and green tea and red nailsthey share my passions in life - vintage love, op shopping, enjoying the outdoors, loving their families and giving back to others.

one of my favourite adopted sisters... kelsey at under the olive tree... kelsey and her mum are some of the most creative ladies i've ever come across. they live organically, they decorate inspirationaly and they love their family and friends deeply. it is joy to peek into kelsey's life.  i want her to come decorate my house... check out her room she recently did here.

one of my favourite blogs... cool by association by peta... i went to high-school with this beautiful girl... we actually had an encounter when we were in preschool where we were both a part of a photo shoot with our twin sisters!  she is one of the most successful op-shopping, garage-saling, bargin hunting girls i know.  its such fun seeing her adventures on here. and she's getting married soon!

a friend of kellie's, laura at kit & nancy. she cooks, she op-shops, she creates. and she has a fabulous orange kitchen aid that i am very envious of!  i met her through the brisbane suitcase rummage network.

and lastly...  tania at ivy nest... she's mother to 3 beatufiul kids, she sews, she gardens, she's a thrifty shopper. have loved connecting with her and sharing our finds, our homes and creations.

i want to thank kellie and mali for encouraging me to join the blogger world... it has given me inspiration and community in a very quiet beachside life... i haven't found many friends in my little world here that share my loves... meeting you all has filled my heart and gives me excitement each day to catch up with you all online.

may the blog love continue to spread! blessings.


  1. oh what a lovely blog today. Full of love and enthusiasm, very uplifting♥ thanks

  2. This is so lovely :) all great blogs!

  3. Thank you :) It feels lovely for my little blog to be mentioned.
    Supertramp and America were the very first bands I listened to and loved at the grand age of 2 ...but I still remember. Dire Straits was a favourite when I was about 7. I also have a Phil Collins and Queen album. You are right...they just don't make music like they used to. There is a sense of comfort in listening to music that was part of your childhood.

  4. thank you lovely...right back at you!

  5. thanks for the shout-out big sis! love seeing what you're up to through this blog. missing you lots and can't wait for a reunion! xo