Monday, March 7, 2011

rummage results

well i made it! survived my first suitcase rummage in brissy and made my goal profit of over $200. stoked!

here's what i learnt:

lesson 1.
no matter how well you plan your set up, it will not go as planned when you get there! no 1. wind is not your friend. no 2. will your space be square? rectangular?  no 3. aim your set up to grab visual attention as rummagers enter your row. lesson learnt - be flexible!

lesson 2.
take along your best buds.  so great being able to set up next to kellie, mali and chanelle. they're not only experienced rummagers they helped the 5hrs speed by with laughs and act as treat couriers bring back yummy treats while on coffee runs.

lesson 3.
do not assume who your customers will be. my customers ranged from funky young girls (i can't believe how fashion savy these girls are at their age! i am so embarassed for myself about how i dressed at 14!!) to resourceful lovely nannas. met people who live down my way in northern nsw and others who are brissy locals and lovers of all things vintage. 

lesson 4.
do not assume what will sell. my girlfriends and i were sure my two vintage thermos' would be definate sellers. they had hardly any interest all day. wrong season maybe? might try them again next time. and a set of stoneware ramekins still in their original packaging - no one picked them up at all! no worries - i was eyeing them off for my kitchen collection so they will find a loving home. :)
the old school photo album still including original photo corners was popular. and aprons were a slow starter but a definate winner in the end.

could not believe the crowd of people in the first few hours. busy busy.  i know i'm a newbie so not all would have had the excitement i had - i had that joy like a kid in a candy store. it gave me such a buzz. i was made to market!

so for the next month i will revise my wares selection strategies, definately shop for more vintage sheets for fabric square sales (so fun selling fabulous vintage prints to other crafters!) and see you all for suitcase rummage again in april!

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  1. Great overview of the day. It was definitely one of the busiest we have had! Glad you enjoyed it and did well.
    Might see you at the next one :)