Saturday, March 19, 2011

free living challenge - day 37

goal... to abstain from spending hobbies - to focus on finding daily joy in no cost living.

today's joy...

easy to avoid spending temptations today... spent half of it driving to visit family!

reading is the joy of today.  thought i'd bring you some reviews of my favourite books of the moment...

ordered this magazine a while ago and it arrived this morning... love those knocks on the door for deliveries!
its more than a just a mag... organic gardener essential guides - this was the first of 3 that are now available. great gardening resource for things like pest management, planting/variety/season/climate advice, pruning techniques... first one released was 'getting started', then there is 'fruit' and 'vegies a-z'. 

' vegies a-z' is available in newsagencies now and you can order the previous guides online here.

other books on my bed side table for reading this week are...

recent op shop book finds...

for $2 each these were a bargin! there are a few recipes that a bit different from those in my nanna's recipe book in preserve and pickles....  will bring you some of those recipes when i've had a chance to try them out.... things like strawberry and vanilla jam... yum.   claire garland's knit and purl pets are very cute! found out yesterday that my sister is expecting my second nephew... oh how exciting!  i love having excuses to make cute kids toys.  my knitting skills are basic at best but this could be something fun to attempt in coming weeks with the focus of this challenge! have some bamboo wool at home that i'd love to use.

something i have not done in years... since uni days i guess... is utilise libraries for interest reading and resources.  i guess in our online world, searching the net for resources is our first instinct... however i still love having hard copies of books to flick through in my fav comfy seat and a sunny corner... and when i need to refresh my gardening knowledge or tips for a new crafty hobby to pick it off the shelf and read through rather than having to switch the computer on.

have utilsed my husband's uni library recently to check out some sewing books i've seen recommended in other books i've bought in the past few months...  this is one of them...

and might i say a fabulous layout of sewing techniques, machine problem solving etc... from one recommendation i'm searching for a pre 1978 version to buy for  my own collection.  i'm enjoying getting into the second hand books stores recently. much more fun then turning to amazon or book depository. however if i don't source the right version i may have to resort to that.

we moved recently and going through all our stuff makes you realise how much you have and having really utilised its potential. our books are definitely something i need to use more... to spend the time to read them cover to cover and then be able to turn back to them when needed now that i'd know what advice they hold. how am i to know what wonders then have inside if i haven't spent this time?!

hope this inspires you to delve into a wonderful book that has sat undiscovered for too many days. blessings to all for a lovely weekend.


  1. Horray for organic gardening and preserving/pickling!! Two of my favourite things. It looks like you have some lovely time curled up with some good reads ahead of you! Just wanted to add a big thankyou for becoming a follower of my blog...I really appreciate that! :)

  2. hope you have had a good day, check out my blog today as there is something there for you!

  3. I love the knit and pearl animals, how cool!