Tuesday, March 15, 2011

handy dandy

was looking through my magazine pull outs for a craft project for today.

came across 'handy dandy' - a wheat bag friend.  he is a creation of pip from meet me at mikes and was featured in frankie magazine before she released her first book.  not sure if this guy is in her first book - i've not yet got either of them my collection.

was pumped for a sewing afternoon until i realised my machine is broken and needs a service. and i need to drop it in 40mins drive away. not going to happen today. here's for hand sewing!

here's the pattern if you're interested... original size is A4.

instructions for use as a heat pack...
(you can stuff with toy filling if you like).
heat the wheat bag for 30 seconds in the microwave on medium-high heat or until it's just warm, not hot (be sure to test the temperature carefully before you use it). do not overheat the wheat bag - check the temperature diligently. wheat bag should not be given to small children.
use wheat bag only as heat pack for direct application to the body.  never use them as bed warmers, as this is a fire risk. no not reheat until the wheat bag has completely cooled unpick and refill the bag if the wheat starts to smell toasty.  do not put wheat bags into storage until they are completely cold.

i'll put up a pic of my little dude when its complete. :)


  1. Looking forward to your pics, I will defiantly put him on my to do list! thanks for sharing.

  2. It IS in Pip's first book - I am lucky enough to have it! Such a cute little fellow! Can't wait to see your finished product.

  3. Oh wow! How super cute!

    I had my first attempt at a wheat bag today, www.sewsaysyou.blogspot.com and now i think I have an urge to be a little more creative! Thanks!

    Hope you dont mind if i 'follow' you (",)