Monday, May 14, 2012

the dream in progress...

So what's been happening lately?

Besides growing my bub (due in 2 days!!) have been slowly building some ideas and stock to take on selling some crafts either at local markets, online or at a new local craft/artist co-op store that is getting up and running (very exciting!!). 

The plan is to use my collection of vintage fabrics and op shopped crafty finds to create individual homewares made from completely recycled materials - bunting, cushions, quilts/rugs.... oh its so exciting!

Here's some of my bunting I made for pre-baby celebrations... and as practice before making some to sell...


 Welcome to the start of my 'Naisy Days' range...

No definite plans for where my wares will appear yet, but will get past the first months of motherhood and then hopefully find what will work for me.

Have some cushion ideas I'll share with you later this week! Oh the joy of sewing and creating. Nothing like it. :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Our first bub is on its way!

My first trimester was hideous with  nausea and fatigue so I'm in action mode during my second trimester to be set for the worst when third trimester starts in a few weeks time!

I've had such fun delving into my op shop stashes getting creative and making our bub's room a place I'd love to hang out in at any time of the day!  Finished off a few things today and wanted to share it with you all...

Op-shopped embroidery frames and vintage sheet fabrics:

Op-shopped wooden photo frames; a cute pic from an old Frankie mag and a 'Father's love letter' from God to a child:

Op-shopped alphabet blocks, wooden pins and golden books. Love this old crate I got from my mum:

Op-shopped brown cut-out detailed cushion - it needed some love and care to be sew down again but for 50c I love the texture and interest it gives to the room; old cushion which I'd got bored of, but the blue back face of it is perfect for this room. And a rolled cane chair I've had for about 9yrs and my husband wanted to get rid of but I knew it would have a perfect spot one day.  Can sit here and stare out the window at the trees and weather rolling in. A lovely cosy corner.

Some of my favourite little creatures I've found at op-shops.  There is just so much more interest and warmth in oldstyle toys I reckon.

And the cot quilt/play mat in progress! Gender is unknown so I'm sticking to blues and greens mostly. Loving creating my own patterns for different projects and being inspired by the materials I have on hand.

Can't wait to introduce our little bundle me new favourite room in the house!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the week that was... foam fun

We've had constant rain, high winds, flood warnings and closed beaches round our region in the past week or so.
Although there were floods and roads closed north and south of us, all we had to deal with was copious amounts of foam on the beaches! No swimming last week or this as the waters in the river and ocean are dirty as. So we just got out and about in the foam!

Monday, January 30, 2012

sew summer

Christmas in my family this year had the theme of recycled, second hand or hand made.  So for my sister and mum I challenged myself to projects that required me to step up my sewing skills

I have conquered continuous bias binding, piping and zips! Oh it feels so good. 

We have a new european cushion cover for my sister's couches... my first attempt was but through quality control test by her 2yr old... fail.  I'm learning! Time and practice will improve the quality of my work I'm promising myself!

A cot quilt for my mum who has now kitted her home out for when her 'grandies' take over when visiting!  My projects are all from recycled fabrics.  This quilt used vintage hankies, sheets, doily and scrap material from the op shops.  Love the individuality and one-off preciousness it gives my projects.

And then a little New Years present for myself.  Some summer cotton cushions.  Just need some more piping to finish off the others for my new lounge collection.  My hubby is a texture phob - so there are a few cushions I have collected over the years that he relegates to being foot cushions as he can't stand the feeling on his skin.  We have success with this one. It's his new favourite!

They all have their lovingly individual imperfections. :)  Looking forward to practicing more so I can look at selling creations in the future! That day will come... when my sewing skills catch up to my dreams!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

beachin' it

Arh... just another cruisy evening at the beach chilling with the hubby. Yep. I'm cloud and scenery obsessed.  Will bring you some crafting and op shopping real soon...I promise!

Friday, January 20, 2012

fish-n-chip friday

Many couples have date nights... we call ours marriage night as a reminder to us both that this time is vital to our marriage - to our communication, to quality time and memories together, making sure we have one night each week where we have a chance to talk about more than just how our day went - to share some quality time away from distractions and make sure we're clearing the air, learning together and keeping on track with our marriage.

It has become 'fish-n-chip Friday'.  We grab some terribly unhealthy, salty, fatty goodness from our local and head down by the river to sit and take in the week that was. 

Seemed we were the only locals out this evening so we had all the seagulls to ourselves!

The start of a lovely day of rest on Saturday to revive and refresh our bodies, minds and souls before taking on another week. If you don't give yourself a day of rest each week or a marriage time with your spouse each week - I recommend it. Book it in sometime soon!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

oxymoron #1: dishwashing fun

I have never been a dishwasher. My hubby finds it relaxing to clear the benches and cannot sit down and relax with me until its done. I don't understand it at all!

I found a product that achieves all my goals for eco friendliness and being sustainably minded. Yep. Something as boring as earth-friendly cleaning tools can rock my world! Any time I need to replace a product in our home I look to see if there is a more eco minded product that I can choose to treat our home environment as well as the greater world environment the best I can.

Discovered 'Full Circle' cleaning product range at a local kitchen store (thank you 'Kitchen to Table' @ Yamba).

Biodegradable plant 'plastic'
Interchangeable brush heads - Natural and recycled bristles or Biodegradable cellulose sponge
Renewable bamboo handle
Packaged with recycled paper and eco-friendly inks.

Thank you Full Circle for going all the way. I get frustrated with eco products and magazines etc that still come covered in plastic or don't use recycled paper in their packaging or print material. I can't wait to try some more products at my next visit to Kitchen to Table.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

hello chinies my old friend

Haven't been to my favourite beach 'Chinamens' in many months. Sad how getting rid of our second car stopped me taking myself on adventures here. All that is stopping me is a large hill to walk up! I'll give myself that challenge for this week!

We had the beach to ourselves this evening. Amazing, since it was school holiday time and tourists have invaded every inch of our town!

See you again soon dear friend.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

bye bye christmas

Didn't get to share Christmas with you all since I was out of blogging habit.  Packing away the little touches of Christmas this week. 

This year's theme in my immediate family was handmade, reused or recycled.  After all, so much focus of Christmas can get lost on having to shop or spend money at this time of year.  A lovely challenge to be more resourceful or support those who are producing products more resourcefully.  I made my first cot quilt for my mum (will share a pic soon!), op shopped a fab electronic guitar for 2yr old Nephew #1 and made a softie monkey for 4mth old Nephew #2.  Other family and friends received jars of citrus marmalade and envelopes of flat leaf parsley and coriander seeds dried from my garden. (Dried them just like drying the foliage of herbs for future use. Only takes a couple of days). Looking forward to more sewing and resourceful present challenges for the year ahead!

Till next year my little Christmas creative delights!

Monday, January 16, 2012


One of my favourite outdoor escapes is bushwalking. We finally, after living here for 18mths, checked out this bushwalk through Bundjalung National Park.  It's only 300m away from our house. Couldn't get over the changes in different sceneries/habitats during a walk of only a few kilometres.

The Marriage Tree - a gift from the Wahlubal tribe at Tabulam
gave this to the Bundjalung people when a wedding took place.
Such a presence this tree has on a lovely bend on the Evans River.
This hugely tall tree is hollow at its centre all the way to the top!
A few people could fit inside standing on each other's shoulders
 for sure! Sadly, I was pregnant at the time so couldn't try this out.
 I'm sure my hubby would be keen to prove this theory in the future!

The peace that comes from gettting out into nature still amazes me. There are all sorts of great walks hidden in nearby national parks all over our country.  Even lovely walks through parks can give you the peace that comes from a day out in nature.

Hope you all get a chance to escape into nature sometime soon. Be still. Stop, listen and breathe it all in!