Sunday, March 13, 2011

free living challenge - day 42

goal... to abstain from spending hobbies - to focus on finding daily joy in no cost living.

today's joy...

morning ride to the river wall was an interesting sight today. the size of the swell just outside the bar was a bit too much for the smaller boats... there was a queue of 10! couldn't believe it. saw one make it out, 3 turn away and the others were waiting and watching hoping for an opening... a test of how well fishermen can read the surf. loved the anticipation!

woke from a morning snooze to find my hubby making his first ever cake for me!  banana choc chip cake. he'd found a recipe, gone and got ingredients.  if you'd seen his attempt at cooking muffins last year you'd know how amazing this event was!

and we took mr juicy for an afternoon adventure to ballina to watch the river swell for beginner surfers... picked up a tip or two.  bring on winter! that's my surfing season... no crowds for embarassing beginner moments!

day 2 of challenge - successful. free living adventues achieved.

the rewards of my vegie gardening adventures are starting to come to light.  so cool checking in on daily growth progress.  thought the joy would come from the eating but the growing phase is just as fun. self-sustaining garden here we come!

happy monday all. :)

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