Sunday, March 20, 2011

free living challenge - day 35... home of homes

goal... to abstain from spending hobbies - to focus on finding daily joy in no cost living.

today's joy...

was enjoying my parents garden in a misty toowoomba morning.

growing up in this house from the time i was about 13... my sister and i helped with renovations, painting, gardening... i have such fond memories of coming home from school, sitting on the back steps and chatting to mum and dad as they gardened.  a piece of my heart will always be with this house.  have taken some pics to share with you of some of my favourite corners of this home of mine...

and my most favourite corner of all to visit... my brother beau... the son my dad never had...

home is where the heart is. and visiting my folks and my old puppy dog gave a lift to my heart that nothing else can.  hope you can visit those places that fill your heart sometime soon. blessings.


  1. I love, love, LOVE your parents' house! One of the city's best streets! I remember visiting and in your bedrooms were boxes and boxes of goodies under the beds. I remember changing into my Wendys uniform after a Friday sleepover. Then, we were all about to move to Brisbane after year 12, Cassie and I came over to have a little farewell. So many lovely vintage things your folks have collected.

    And Beau is too gorgeous for words. xx

  2. There must be a lot of memories tied up in that house for you. Your parents have a beautiful house. They've put a lot of work into that garden. Sounds like Beau is their baby now:) Reminds me of my parents and their labradore Sam.

  3. Beautiful collection of moments at Mum and Dad's Nee.