Friday, January 13, 2012

my my my... i'm back.

I can't believe it has been this long.
How sad to look back and see a path you chose distracted you from the one you know that brings your heart alive.
Poor health and the distraction of taking a job that once again didn't bring alive the creative joy inside me distracted me for over a month of connecting with you creative bodies out there.  I've missed the inspiration and the sharing.  Now I'm back.

So what's install for 2012?
- Learning more about back-to-basic home cleaners
- Learning more about whole food cooking and making more of my own foods from scratch
- Investing time into my organic garden (which has also been neglected these past 6mths!)
- Op shopping of course! Have a few new finds I'll have to take some pics of and share with you in coming weeks.  Loving the transformation of my beachside batch as more vintage finds make their way into my heart and my home.
- Sew! Sew! Sew! Practicing cushion and quilt making to start selling my own creations at markets...There is the goal of my own business.... however may be delayed by....
- Welcoming Baby #1 into our family in May! So will also be learning more about eco friendly, sustainably sourced baby products and toys.

Can't wait. Looking forward to dropping into your blogs again soon and reconnecting with your adventures.