Thursday, June 2, 2011

this weeks love

hey all

so where have i been this week?

training for my new adventure being a thermomix consultant! if you've haven't yet seen this kitchen miracle in action i recommend it. the best thing you'll do this year.  find out how here.  cooking from raw ingredients, avoiding preservatives and additives AND saving time and money. how can it not be a winner?  i'm off to spread the thermomix love with family and friends starting tomorrow! woohoo!
my fav recipe trial this week was my own addition of lavender to vanilla custard. ohmygoodness! fresh picked lavender from folks garden. so lovely. recommend lavender in strawberry jam too. 

other things i'm loving this week...

nicola finetti.  ok so i live in a small town where a decent shopping centre is about 2hrs drive away... so my wander through myer yesterday was VERY exciting. fell in love with about 5 nicola finetti dresses. lucky i don't have anywhere to wear them just now as starting a new work adventure doesn't put me in the best place to be eyeing off such lovelies. my favs were a black 3/4 sleeve, knee length pleated number and a peakcock green ruffle pretty piece. maybe in another life i'd be able to wear such joyous pieces everyday!
sorry didn't have time to find pics to share.

my other clothing love this week is vintage laura ashley.  perhaps my absolute love of florals draws me to these finds.  have found two skirts at op shops over the years and just thought to look on ebay. oh joy!  i think i'll ask for people to shop for these for my birthday. dresses and skirts please!

its off to the brisbane suitcase rummage on sunday for me and some special ladies.  have some pics of my favourite stock i'm selling - but they're on my home computer!! - so will share them and any finds i get for myself on my return home next week.

hope you've been enjoying the fresh winter air and a cozy doona with loved ones. blessings, nais.

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  1. have missed your posts! I'll keep an eye out for some laura ashley for you xxx