Friday, January 20, 2012

fish-n-chip friday

Many couples have date nights... we call ours marriage night as a reminder to us both that this time is vital to our marriage - to our communication, to quality time and memories together, making sure we have one night each week where we have a chance to talk about more than just how our day went - to share some quality time away from distractions and make sure we're clearing the air, learning together and keeping on track with our marriage.

It has become 'fish-n-chip Friday'.  We grab some terribly unhealthy, salty, fatty goodness from our local and head down by the river to sit and take in the week that was. 

Seemed we were the only locals out this evening so we had all the seagulls to ourselves!

The start of a lovely day of rest on Saturday to revive and refresh our bodies, minds and souls before taking on another week. If you don't give yourself a day of rest each week or a marriage time with your spouse each week - I recommend it. Book it in sometime soon!

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