Monday, January 16, 2012


One of my favourite outdoor escapes is bushwalking. We finally, after living here for 18mths, checked out this bushwalk through Bundjalung National Park.  It's only 300m away from our house. Couldn't get over the changes in different sceneries/habitats during a walk of only a few kilometres.

The Marriage Tree - a gift from the Wahlubal tribe at Tabulam
gave this to the Bundjalung people when a wedding took place.
Such a presence this tree has on a lovely bend on the Evans River.
This hugely tall tree is hollow at its centre all the way to the top!
A few people could fit inside standing on each other's shoulders
 for sure! Sadly, I was pregnant at the time so couldn't try this out.
 I'm sure my hubby would be keen to prove this theory in the future!

The peace that comes from gettting out into nature still amazes me. There are all sorts of great walks hidden in nearby national parks all over our country.  Even lovely walks through parks can give you the peace that comes from a day out in nature.

Hope you all get a chance to escape into nature sometime soon. Be still. Stop, listen and breathe it all in!

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