Tuesday, January 17, 2012

bye bye christmas

Didn't get to share Christmas with you all since I was out of blogging habit.  Packing away the little touches of Christmas this week. 

This year's theme in my immediate family was handmade, reused or recycled.  After all, so much focus of Christmas can get lost on having to shop or spend money at this time of year.  A lovely challenge to be more resourceful or support those who are producing products more resourcefully.  I made my first cot quilt for my mum (will share a pic soon!), op shopped a fab electronic guitar for 2yr old Nephew #1 and made a softie monkey for 4mth old Nephew #2.  Other family and friends received jars of citrus marmalade and envelopes of flat leaf parsley and coriander seeds dried from my garden. (Dried them just like drying the foliage of herbs for future use. Only takes a couple of days). Looking forward to more sewing and resourceful present challenges for the year ahead!

Till next year my little Christmas creative delights!

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