Saturday, January 14, 2012

my second wedding...

If I had the chance to have another wedding, I would just as easily choose this one as I would my original own.

Our friends Brendo and Jess married on December 3, 2011. A wedding in the park, riverside in our beachside town and a reception at a nearby organic tea-tree and vegie farm set next to a serene water scene with amazing birdlife and horses wandering by in the background.. A wonderful atmosphere with family and friends for a couple truely in love.  The vintage and personal touches that they placed around their ceremony and reception venue were so lovely and all of my favourite things.  Jess is a girl after my own heart!

Hydrangeas and garden flowers,  old chairs from our church for the signing (which I envy every time I see them and think they'd look so inviting in a corner of my home!) doilies her girlfriends and grandmas collected (and made!), herb and vegie pots for the guests, dress-up and photo booth, my favourite - the guest libs and instead of a signature book or board they had a fingerprint tree to remember the guests at their wedding. There were even more touches that I missed capturing but oh it was such a lovely evening you wanted to sit back and enjoy it rather then miss it by being caught up behind the camera.

As I'd say to anyone getting married soon or in the future, a lot of effort is involved but it is so special to make the day your own, a day that speaks of your relationship, interests and things you want to share and remember - and it is all worth it.  Weddings have become more special to me as I reminisce at every one I attend, since my own, of the specialness of our day and what my marriage means to me everyday since. It is the start of a beautiful, yes challenging, but always rewarding journey.

Blessings to you both, Brendo and Jess.

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