Monday, January 30, 2012

sew summer

Christmas in my family this year had the theme of recycled, second hand or hand made.  So for my sister and mum I challenged myself to projects that required me to step up my sewing skills

I have conquered continuous bias binding, piping and zips! Oh it feels so good. 

We have a new european cushion cover for my sister's couches... my first attempt was but through quality control test by her 2yr old... fail.  I'm learning! Time and practice will improve the quality of my work I'm promising myself!

A cot quilt for my mum who has now kitted her home out for when her 'grandies' take over when visiting!  My projects are all from recycled fabrics.  This quilt used vintage hankies, sheets, doily and scrap material from the op shops.  Love the individuality and one-off preciousness it gives my projects.

And then a little New Years present for myself.  Some summer cotton cushions.  Just need some more piping to finish off the others for my new lounge collection.  My hubby is a texture phob - so there are a few cushions I have collected over the years that he relegates to being foot cushions as he can't stand the feeling on his skin.  We have success with this one. It's his new favourite!

They all have their lovingly individual imperfections. :)  Looking forward to practicing more so I can look at selling creations in the future! That day will come... when my sewing skills catch up to my dreams!


  1. Love your vintage creations. I think I might give piping a go next cushion batch after seeing yours.
    Nice to see you back and congratulations!!

  2. keep an eye out for excellent quality tea towels with cute/vintage prints. They make excellent cushions. I'm getting a sewing machine for my birthday - a bit scared because I haven't touched one since grade 10 home ec with mrs gwydir!