Monday, April 18, 2011

'oopsie daisy'

you know how when you're travelling through a town you hardly ever visit... you might be travelling to visit someone... or like me today just out for a drive to escape a dreary day in the house...

and a little voice in your head says to you... 'you can't possibly not stop at that op-shop... you don't know when you'll be here again and who knows what amazing finds will be lost in there forever. it is up to you to discover them!'

well that voice spoke loud in my head today.  and 'oopsie daisy'... op shopped today with only 6 days to go of my free living challenge!

and when i have an 'oopsie daisy' moment i do it well...

my favourite scores being....pretty much got a whole new collection of dinner plates and side plates, 2 dresses to alter, a wollen jumper destined to become my favourite, vintage doona, more soup bowls to add to my collection for sunday soup nights with friends and a tan document wallet - been looking for one of these for months!

oh dear. might have to hand the eftpos card back to hubby i think!  still got the buzz from all these finds hours later. i'm glad there are other vintage bargin lovers out there like you who know this feeling and also have those days where we have to justify some impulse buys to ourselves.

i am a faulty human being. imperfect with poor discipline. but oh today was so exciting!!


  1. You were doing so well!!! your finds are lovely. I caved on sunday as well but my other half paid for all my purchases so it did not count. sort of! I am on count down now to next Sunday!

  2. Oh I so know what you mean! I have had many such conversations with myself :) But you got so many great things there..two of those plates I have at home and that tupperware jug is identical to the one I grew up with. Nice snuggly woolen jumper too.

  3. well done YOU!, you only purchased things that really can (and I'm sure, will) be used in the home. Not a bunch of nic-nacs, (like me lots of times), but good useful, things ... Five Star***** Recycling.

  4. you DID do it well. way to make me proud young lady! love it alllllllllllllllllllllll. xx

  5. I'v definetely heard that little voice before...
    I think you've shown amazing restraint to have got this far without op-shopping etc.
    All the stuff you bought is lovely and definetely worth an "oopsie-daisy" moment.

  6. woohoo! you must take me to this land of op shop heaven :)! these look awesome!! love the jumper xx

  7. you make me giggle - I can so relate! LOVE the plates.

  8. ps. just saw the little sandals..sooo cute! not selling that doona by any chance???? ;)