Wednesday, April 13, 2011

its a bright sunshining day

proof we don't really get autumn here... winter is autumn... autumn is summer.. spring is summer... summer is summer... why would i live anywhere else?!

a morning at my favourite beach...

beach highway...
first time i've seen bike tracks through the rock shelf!

sorry if the fish is gross.
i find the cycle of nature interesting. after all, nature has its in built cycles of being resourceful and recycling.

i don't have a great camera for distance shots so these aren't fantastic... but everyday i see dolphins out in the sea i stand in awe. what is it about them that is so peaceful and fascinating??
(might have to click on these ones to view it full sized)

a pod of about 8 dolphins out there today
hard to see but they're diving through the wave.
so cool that they're an animal that plays.

surfers on the left, dolphins on the right.
this is when i'm jealous of competent surfers. one day i'll be out there.

i never know what i'm going to see at the beach but am starting to take my camera to keep a picture record of how the beach changes with time and weather... and the different signs of creatures and humans in my favourite environment.

love sharing a bit of beach sunshine with you on this lovely autumn day.
blessings, nais.


  1. i remember the first time i saw a dolphin up close, it was body surfing the wave with me. amazing!

  2. mmm love the sky and sand shots! how awesome to see the dolphins!

  3. bring on Easter!! Can't wait to chilax with you guys Nee. JK