Friday, April 15, 2011

free living challenge - day 9

goal... to abstain from spending hobbies - to focus on finding daily joy in no cost living.

today's joy...

my afternoon ride.

saw this little guy and identified with him... just sitting alone, chilling, enjoying the warm afternoon.

bit too early for happy hour...
he's waiting for all the galahs who hang out there later on every afternoon after 4.
funny thing is its right opposite the rsl. :)

had some ups and downs this week with some things not going as smoothly as hoped and other unexpected things causing further upset.  chilling by myself has been therapeutic and needed indeed. 

they say habit and behaviour change takes over 30days... can be up to 60.  i have definitely noticed a difference in how i look at my days since starting this challenge and find it so rewarding to look for projects round home and ways to enjoy my town and the people in it, in no cost creative ways.

the other highlight of my day was dropping over to a friends place for a cold drink and watermelon. i've found myself much more comfortable dropping round for a cuppa or for no reason at all living in my beachside town. different to my old city life where a cafe or a meal out and about was necessary for a catch up. definitely saving some money now days.  and finding the real community of visiting in each others homes so much more fulfilling.

my challenge for the day? book in a drop-in at a friend or neighbours home in coming weeks. enjoy each others company for no other reason then sharing life together.

wishing you a relaxing, revitalising weekend. nais.x.

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  1. I think I have made a huge change, I will be shopping a lot less once the 40 days is up. (but will have to do some)