Tuesday, April 12, 2011

rose drying

been lucky enough to receive a bunch of roses recently? or are you talented enough to have roses from your own garden you could keep? let the bliss last long by drying them and vasing them up for a dried arrangement somewhere around your home.

this is my sis-in-law's wedding bouquet we're drying at her mum's house to preserve for the future. :)

take your bunch (or bouquet) and tie them with string or rubber band to a coat hanger.

then hang them in a dark, dry cupboard and leave for a few weeks.

i have a bunch of white roses that my mum got me for our engagement in 2008 that i dried and vased. they've survived 5 moves and 3 years but are looking a little sad. might have to buy myself a new bunch to replace them! :)

any suggestions for other flowers that may survive drying? lisianthas are my favourite flower of the moment. would these work? hmmm...

1 comment:

  1. Hey hun, yay the bouquet looks awesome ur so clever can't wait to see it again.
    U did such an awesome job can't stop looking at it in photos. xxxx