Tuesday, May 3, 2011

free living challenge - 'it's over' wrap up

 a belated happy easter to you all!  with family visiting and the subsequent recovery time for me i'm a little delayed in this final post for this challenge.

goal... to abstain from spending hobbies - to focus on finding daily joy in no cost living.

my final days of free living joy....

quite a lovely time to have this challenge end. easter when we celebrate the amazing act of Jesus in his sacrifice for us to live free from our brokeness in a personal relationship with God.  and anzac day when we celebrate the sacrifice of our fellow Australians and New Zealanders for us to live free in our amazing country. 

for all Australians i feel anzac day is one of the most spiritual experiences no matter what your faith and belief.  went to our local dawn service. there is a beautiful peace, thankfulness and feeling of community at these services. 

other easter/anzac weekend free living adventures included....

gardened.... with the help of my gorgeous nephew...

my first attempt at hot cross buns.  hmmm... need to find the right recipe for gluten free flour!! bit of a 'the blob' look happening...

made dolls clothes from my collection of materials for a rubber doll my mum picked up for my nephew who's younger brother is due in august...  so cool to see him cuddle 'his baby'.

made some herb bouquets for some friends...
the rain has turned my parsley and coriander into super bushes taking over my carrot and radish rows!

and enjoyed the overcast, rainy days. picnics in the car were a favourite of mine in the last days of april... just had to get out of the house. was lovely to go and sit at different sites around town to take in the weather...

and there we have it.  free living challenge for lent in 2011 complete...
with only 1 or 2 little hiccups!

it's given me a focus of being more creative with the resources i have around my house - in cooking, creating, in giving... i've really enjoyed going back to hand made gifts of sewing projects, hand made cards, extra vegies or herbs from my garden and pickle or jam creations.

i've become more aware of how i spend my time and now get out and about more... whether it be for walks or rides, to be more intentional with time spent with wonderful people through my week and being more aware of what is happening in my community... for free events to get out to and for ways to be involved in looking after the people and environment in which i live.

contentment is something i believe we are all searching for.  i hope sharing my adventures and thoughts through this journey has made you think about where you find fulfillment in life.

i look forward to sharing more of my days with you. sending you blessings for your week and year ahead, nais. x.


  1. I've enjoyed your free living challenge and glad to hear of it's rewards. Those dolly clothes are just too cute. Don't worry, my hot cross buns did not look perfect either. Tania xo

  2. i love this idea! it sounds like you have done such a good job with it. it is definitely inspiring! you did some great things!

  3. You are so very inspiring, as always. I've really enjoyed popping in to check on your progress. Beautiful Archie in your garden is a favourite pic. You've shared some lovely ideas :)

    Now you can have a bottle of champagne to celebrate your simple life! (Oh, wait...)