Tuesday, May 10, 2011

best buys

have come to the realisation i should perhaps share with you only my favourite bargin buys so as to not overload blog inboxes...

so here's this weeks best buys...

wooden pin toys - the lot $2 at local wellspring op shop
plans for these to line a shelf somewhere in my future bub's room.
we're talking years away... don't get excited just yet!

wallpaper sourced by my wonderful mum at her regular op shops
 in toowoomba. she's fabulous.
she knows how much i love green-ness. 
and my lack of luck in sourcing wallpaper for crafting.

$5 set of wooden kitchen canisters -
from yesterdays brisbane suitcase rumamge
i plan to use them for storage on top of my fridge.
got to be effective with storage in a small kitchen.
i like the use of wooden items to warmify and calm the use of colour
in my kitchen/dining room.

$3 indian decorative bowl from local wellspring op shop.
bit different to my latest 70s johnson of australia plate collection
added to my kitchen but i think it helps to be the decorative step
between my wooden pieces and colourful bowls etc.

and there is my spending ration done for the week! oh dear. :)


  1. um. awesome.

    please find me some of those little wooden people! haha! you are a fabulous op shopper :)

    love you xx

  2. All I can say is "wow"! You have certainly hit op shop gold with all those goodies!

  3. Money extremely well spent, such wonderful,wonderful stuff! I especially l-o-v-e those wooden skittles.
    Nicest collection of op-shop finds I've seen in a long time! Lucky you!