Monday, May 9, 2011

memories for my mum

had my mum come with me to the suitcase rummage yesterday. so lovely to share the experience with her, especially on mother's day, as we love searching through each other's bargins and vintage buys when we visit each other's homes.

it's also her 50th birthday coming up next week so have been going over her lifetime of photos for my sis to put something special together for the day.

it made me want to share with you who this beautiful lady is to me.
a photo blog dedicated to her.
so here are some of my favourite photos of her collection that captures the mum i know and love.

cute, loveable, happy kid

i'm sure my sis and i got some of our love of school
from our mum. obdient and eager to learn.

a lover of animals - pets have always been family.
a lover of family and making great family memories.

a little bit cheeky.

it takes a special lady to love a quirky guy like him. :)

a gorgeous bride and loving wife.
proud mum to her twins.

playful mum

always planning family adventures for great times
and memories together.

love this... my mum and my nanna.
the laughs that happen when you get
the women in my family together.
have great memories growing up of my mum, aunty and nanna
getting in hysterics laughing at the silly things they do at
family occaisions. great memories.

a reluctant pillion passenger to my dad's love of riding.
she now has her own leather jacket.
dad and i are so proud.
connected us to our new zealand heritage

proud mum to her now married daughters

very excited to be a grandma to my nephew.

mum, carer, supporter and friend.
me, mum and my sis.

happy mother's day, happy birthday and thanx for being my mum jules.
love you to bits.


  1. OMG that is just so beautiful. thanks for sharing.

  2. Just beautiful! Isn't it interesting how few baby photos our parents have compared with our generation and the next one. (There are no surviving baby pics of my mum!) B and J's wedding pic is gorgeous.

    A very special blog Nee. xx