Sunday, February 20, 2011

weekend joy

being away from home for most of this week made me yearn for little things from my home that brings smiles and heart jumps of joy. the things that just make home what it is:

the new members of our family - shark and blossom.
shared naming rights in our family.

 and yes. shark is the smaller of the 2. :)

our old school, mis-matched stereo which my husband loves and i have come to love also.
and my mum's fab pic of evans on a misty morning.
dad and sam are out there in the surf if you look real hard. great memory of a lovely beach morning with my family.

my $10 ebay bargin drawers.
the style matches our late 1960s couch. love sitting enjoying the breeze in my retro lounge room.

my sewing table. 
can't wait to wave the magic unpacking wand to create a sewing space in our massive laundry but until then this is my corner of joy.

oh its so lovely being home. next week i hope to bring you pics of my favourite times of day round my beautiful town.

blessings for your week.


  1. yes - i saw your set of drawers and decided we both had good taste. :) i wish i had more space in my house so i could fill it with more fun projects!