Monday, February 21, 2011

look vs function

oh dear. the challenge of finding a helmet that suits the look of my electra. 

it seems helmets did not come into use until after the style era of my bike.

this is the best i have found so far:

only i can't find a large and i could even be 1cm off a large.
oh the curse of having a massive noggin. :)

any suggestions other retro/vintage lovers? it feels so foreign to have to sacrifice feeling like me and having a taste of retro in my helmet. have you seen the options of today? i feel like an alien when trying on the aerodynamic options in shops around our town. am i missing out on some fatastic option since i don't live in the city anymore?? how can i not ruin the feel of my bike and avoid fines??

oh dear. i need help!


  1. I am SOOO with you here! I have a dorky helmet from KMart that totally does not go with my gorgeous bike. I saw a chick riding around the other day with a decent looking helmet - almost stack hat looking. I'm thinking next time I see a pink stack hat at vinnies I'm going to pick it up. Maybe mum kept our old stack hats ....hmmmm, must find out.
    Anyway, let me know if you find something!

  2. surely will. i'll keep an eye out down my way for you. have seen some round here at garage sales. but not pink - the un-fabulous yellow/orange variety and white. fingers crossed! :)