Sunday, February 13, 2011

weekend finds

so this weekend's highlights were...

the biggest caterpiller i've ever seen in my garden:

see - super vegies lead to super caterpillers!!

a very bold spider who took on and won against a bee over double his/her size:

and attempts to snorkel were interrupted by me stepping on a stingray:

ok so it was just a little toe and the stingray was probably only a foot long. but hey, our first aid skills weren't successful without our self help book - are stingrays poisonous enough to warrent a hospital visit?? turns out its pretty much like a bee sting. only less swelling and more sting in my case. nothing a heat pack couldn't fix!  few extra heart beats wasted until that finding! 

have to say... it did make me feel like a real ocean going girl! one more feather in my bow towards being a true beachsider. :)

1 comment:

  1. hello my love! i look forward to adventuring with you soon... although maybe without the stingray wound!

    love you xx

    p.s - the only solution i found for my caterpillars was to remove them by hand and then squash them. they got into my carrots!